The Brand

Starting its history from 2012 by evolution of a new and under-developed segment Yumi becomes a strong contender in the beauty market of natural eyelashes.

YumiLashes is worldwide recognized and present in more than 65 countries.

At the beginning of 2019, after 4 years of research in close collaboration with our laboratory, we have developed a new Yumilashes formula version 2.0 “Made in France” that has passed all the regulatory tests of the EU.

It was important for our brand to develop an effective formula here in France that permits to our clientele of beauticians to do this care safely.

Enter the Yumi world, become Yumicians and offer the keratin lash treatment made in France with breathtaking results


Yumi Lashes guarantees a great expertise in the development of each of the products it offers. With the constant concern to provide the best care, Yumi Lashes brand products follow very strict manufacturing processes.
In accordance with the highest quality requirements, Yumi Lashes treatment is designed in close collaboration with laboratories with a strong Quality Assurance and Control system. All Yumi Lashes products are manufactured and packaged in France.
With Yumi Lashes you make the choice to work serenely without any risk or inconvenience, neither for you nor for your customers.

Fully thought,

Created and certified

in France.

The Care

We have developed a new formula of Yumilashes treatment version 2.0 “Made in France”

All-new technique is used with a new silicone pad, new free aggressive formula and new easy to use accessories. Designed to lift your lashes from their roots in a complete safety even with the most sensitive eyes.

We have meticulously selected the active ingredients in the care in order to respect and protect the natural eyelashes especially by the ingredients of our serum such as D-Panthenol and Keratin, the result is on average 8 to 12 weeks.

Why does keratin have such an effect on eyelashes?

Keratin is a protein in our eyelashes, but also in our skin and nails. It gives our eyelashes their shine and suppleness. There is no better fortifying and repair care than the ones based on keratin.

Why Yumilashes?

Yumi Lashes is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash from their roots safely, even with the most sensitive eyes.

Instead of doing a traditional perm that simply curves your lashes, Yumi keratin lash lift turns the eyelashes upwards, gives them length, height and volume. Entirely adapted for different eyelash type & structure for the best personalized results.

A powerful alternative to false eyelashes that enhances the natural beauty and color of eyelashes.

No oxidation – our products are individually wrapped for each customer;
Procedure is personalized to each of your clients – we create a curve and apply multicolour tints
High quality ingredients (Keratin, Protein, Serum);
The effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash.
Treatment takes only 45 minutes and is very comfortable for the client;
No need to get fills or “take off” regarding extensions: no age limit;
Easily sleep in any position or rub your eyes you will not have any adverse effect

One of the most profitable care for beauty institutes

Present in more than 65 countries worldwide

Respect des protocoles de soin et de vente

Yumilashes trainers are all certified Masters.

Referencing each graduated Yumician on our website


Enter the world of Yumi, become a Yumician and offer the keratin lash treatment made in France with breathtaking results.
Yumilashes trainers are all certified Masters

Come join YUMILashes and be a part of something amazing. If you are interested in starting a new career, being your own boss and adding to your skill set in the beauty and cosmetology industry, please get in touch with us today.
Own your piece of the industry that is rapidly expanding by going through the YUMILashes high-end keratin eyelash training.

So do not hesitate, get on the fast track to professional success right now.

Joining the YUMILashes team provides excellent earning potential and the ability to work around your other commitments. Be the first in your area to offer this revolutionary keratin lash treatment and your own high-end eyelash training.

All our Yumicians are listed on our website. You will have a follow-up by our technical-commercial team / by our certified masters

You will be able to follow the latest news on our networks and you will always be informed in real time

Only YUMILashes certified technicians, trained and authorized to represent this innovative product, will be able to purchase, use and offer YUMILashes services.

Invest in your future today with YUMILashes!



Yumilashes treatment version 2.0 “Made in France”

New care protocol, new ingredients that boost results.

We have meticulously selected the active ingredients in the care to respect and protect the natural eyelashes especially by the ingredients of our serum such as D-Panthenol and Keratin, the result is on average 8 to 12 weeks.

N°1 The Lift

Sa formulation optimisée à base d’aloe vera protège le cil durant tout le protocole

N°2 The Fix

Il fixe durablement les cils à la forme souhaitée avec sa texture onctueuse et les hydrate grâce à la glycérine qu’il contient

N°3 The Serum

Il stimule, répare et fortifie les cils avec la kératine et assure une action cicatrisante et apaisante avec le Panthenol.

The Mascara

Mascara It perfect lash lift, une formule intensément noire qui rallonge, enrobe et recourbe chaque cil à la perfection.
– Allongement des cils immédiat
– Effet curling surprenant
– Volume déployé spectaculaire
– Tenue longue durée jusqu’à 8h
Effet volume garanti grâce à sa brosse douce et luxueuse pour plus de longueur et de tenue.

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Yumi Lashes

Yumilashes est l’une des principales marques spécialisées dans la beauté des cils naturels, pour les professionnels. Nous proposons un traitement innovant « made in France » pour exprimer la beauté de chacune de nos clientes.

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