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Sandra Viglino is a dermapigmentologist and a well-known teacher in the field of permanent makeup. She is recognised for the great quality of her work in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

She has a Swiss and international clientele and works with Les Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève (HUG), and with private clinics in the Geneva and Canton Vaud. She also works with many Swiss doctors, well-known dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and general practitioners.

Sandra has taken part in many TV programmes, such as Dolce Vita and in Bon Entendeur. Throughout her career her work has featured in several beauty magazines and newspapers.

Its trainings on lash extensions and eyelash products have been truly successful, and are driving it towards a leading position on the market. The first-born of the YUMI™ brand is YUMI™ Lashes, an innovative and topical range reserved for professionals. The YUMI™ brand is a point of reference in terms of quality, beauty and authenticity. Likewise reserved to professionals, YUMI™ Tints is the second product range from the YUMI™ brand.

Sandra Viglino, the founder of CILLASHES™, has made it her mission to make the right advice and treatments available to empower women in achieving the lashes they want.

In other words, CILLASHES™ is not just saying you can have longer, or better looking, eye lashes, but that the look of your eyes will be enhanced. And this strategy fits perfectly with the rest of the products within the CILLASHES™ range because in addition to lashes-lengthening mascara, there is also eyeliner, conditioner, sealant and a removing and priming product CILLASHES™ Eyelash Extensions, reserved for professionals, is a complete training on Eyelash Extension and an lashes product and treatment range will soon appear. For further information, register on our website and you will be the first to know about the launch of our brand and training.








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